205 Live Recap: Episode 101

Last week on 205 Live: Comcast was fixing my wifi so I missed reviewing all of my normal shows. Mike Kanellis won a match also Mustafa Ali finally defeated Hideo Itami.

Note- I used to write reviews under the “And I’m Like…” name, I am gonna try the And I’m Like style again for this recap. Basically you’ll see stray observations that are bullet pointed and then how I feel at that moment about what just happened. I write as I watch to get the most real response and sometimes the bullet points turn into whole ass paragraphic opinions.

Cold Open

  • Drake Maverick talks about how last week was the 100th episode.
  • Maverick wants to celebrate the falls count anywhere match.
  • We get The Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese announced for tonight.
  • I’m over here wondering where Buddy Murphy has been.

And I’m Like… This was your typical 205 Live beginning. It’s a nice change of pace compared to all the other WWE programming and easy for those unacquainted with the show to follow.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick

  • A nice little video package to show us why these two are wrestling. They were once in a group but leader Drew Gulak said Kendrick lost his edge and now Jack and Drew will show Kendrick no mercy.
  • Drew is joining 205’s commentary team for this bout.
  • Jack and Brian start off with punches and forearms. Kendrick had everything well in hand but was distracted by Gulak saying “You lost your edge.”
  • Brian is really fighting from underneath. The crowd is responding to the moves but not much of the inbetweens.
  • There is a whole yay/boo spot that gets neither yay’d or boo’d.
  • Commentary doesn’t really explain what is happening in the match. Part of it is due to Drew Gulak throwing off the three man’s chemistry.
  • Gallagher does the old Eddie Guerrero senton from the apron to the inside. Instead of a senton, Jack flips of the rope and rolls Kendrick into a choke. It was sweet as hell.
  • Kendrick was able to mount some offense which lead to Drew trying to get involved but Akira Tozawa showed up to help Kendrick.

And I’m Like… I like routine, and 205 Live sure knows how to fucking routine. The show usually as three storylines running. One is always a tag rivalry. Since there isn’t a tag division, some wrestlers become friends for a wee bit until the storyline is over. This one is Akira and Kendrick vs. Drew and Jack. Should be paint by numbers

Drake Maverick and Cedric Alexader talk about how Cedric doesn’t get his rematch for the championship because he is on a losing streak and Drake doesn’t think it’s fair. 205 Live wrestlers can be sat on the bench because of exhaustion and lose their title matches because they haven’t been winning. Drake is well respected it seems and no one really disagree’s with his decisions.


Gran Metalik vs. Local Competitor 

  • Lucha House Party is the only actual tag team on 205 Live.
  • Commentary brings up TJP and how he has been feuding with LHP. This is basically an enhancement match to keep the storyline going. Like General Manager mode on the old playstations. If you don’t keep the storyline going week to week it gets deleted.

And I’m Like… Super quick match that not too many people cared about. For instance it’s one of the only videos on WWE’s YouTube channel right now that has less than 1,000 views. TJP did jump in after Metalik’s victory and stole Gran Metalik’s mask.

Got damn Buddy Murphy is in the back and gets interviewed. Buddy said he requested a match with Manchester, England’s best. Next week is Murphy vs. Mark Andrews.

The Kanellis’ are doing an interview with each other. TJP then interferes while holding Metalik’s mask in his hand. Then TJP and Mike decide to talk business regarding the Lucha House Party. Which leads to the second storyline in 205. The “Lucha House Party vs. two or more heels.” 

Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

  • Mustafa on that DDP shit with taped ribs.
  • It’s crazy that Tony Nese has been on the roster for almost 2 years and his character hasn’t gone any farther than “counts abs”.
  • Mustafa was winning the match albeit falling down a lot because “ribs”. Then Tony rolled through a dive from Ali on the outside and fallaway slammed Mustafa on the entrance ramp.
  • Vic Joseph reminds us that Mustafa had to go to the hospital and take time off a few months ago because of exhaustion. It’s such a weird character trait to me. Like yeah, the dudes body fails him and he keeps fighting, but “fighting so hard my body fails” is a weird way to gain sympathy.
  • This match is moving at a snails pace with Nese beating on Ali’s ribs. The moves aren’t too creative and the trash talk is Nese saying “C’mon Ali, you got NOTHING”. Tony Nese would have been the best during the early to late 80’s in the South.
  • Ali got a bit of a hope spot and the crowd did not react in the slightest. Poor guys.
  • Ali kept on keeping on after his hope spot and was able to turn a sunset flip into a sitout powerbomb for two. That woke up the crowd a bit.
  • The loudest the crowd’s been so far is counting along with the ref while both men were laying outside the ring.
  • Then the match hits its third act and final gear. Ali and Nese start a yay/boo spot but the kicks are so fast and furious that it’s more of a ooh/aah spot. Ali hits three consecutive head kicks for two and the crowd was hot for it.
  • The match is more back and forth and more vicious, which helps a lot. The crowd starts boo’ing Nese loudly because Tony took off the rib tape.
  • Once it seemed like the crowd lost hope in Ali, dude gets a flash pin for the win.

And I’m Like… Didn’t realize this was a number one contender until just now. Ali vs. Murphy in the future for the strap. The story going forward is “ever since Wrestlemania, Ali has been striving for a title shot. Tony didn’t even do anythig to a beaten up Ali but Cedric Alexander came out to make the save anyways. Cedric helped up Ali rather quickly and the crowd bought it as a heel turn. Then Alexander raised Ali’s hand and that’s that. The Ali vs. Murphy match will be out of this world though. They had a match a while back that was deemed the greatest match in 205 Live history. Probably two of the best wrestlers on any roster. 

The show was quick, lagging in parts but that’s to be expected on 205 Live. Hope the new format is better. Let me know if it isn’t.

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