Nikki Bella Shoots Down Rumors That She Is Now Dating Somebody

Nikki Bella was one of the more talked about topics this year primarily because of her high-profile breakup with John Cena. There were many rumors and conflicting reports following the news of their initial breakup, but now the debate is over as the two have both gone on record as saying the breakup is official and that they two are now over.

Recently there have been some rumors circulating regarding Nikki Bella’s love life, as various media outlets had reported that she had been said to have been dating somebody. In a recent preview for Total Divas, Nikki Bella discusses the rumors and sets the record straight on how the rumor got started in the first place, and shooting down the notion completely.

Regarding the rumors about her dating someone, Nikki said:

“No, I’m not enjoying single life. I wanted to play a really funny joke in Miami because since my breakup paparazzi were hounding me and you’re going to see [on Total Divas]. I did this joke and now it’s turned into that I’m going to date this kid or I’m dating — literally, it was a hired model who was our bartender and I was playing a joke.”

You can see the video of Nikki talking about how the rumors started below.

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