Roman Reigns Receives Emotional Support And Send-Off Following Leukaemia Announcement On Raw

This week’s Monday Night Raw started off on a sad note as Roman Reigns, revealed that he had been battling leukaemia for 11 years. It was in remission for a long time but now that it came back, he had to relinquish the Universal title and would have to take time off.

It was truly an unfortunate series of events. But when he got backstage, he received a lot of love and support in the Gorilla Position, making it a wholesome moment despite the tragic news. Superstars and Legends alike lined up to Reigns and give him a hug before he left. One can clearly hear Paul Heyman whisper, “You are not alone,” in Reigns’ ear in the video.

After giving another huge hug, he left to his rental car and joked not to get it on film as it wasn’t even a full-size SUV. He said it was a last-minute thing. He’s been off all weekend so getting to Providence was a one-stop for him.

Roman had apparently left as soon as he made the announcement. Everyone in the WWE Universe is puzzled over whether this is real or not and what will this mean for the Universal title picture, now that Roman is out. We will keep you updated on this.

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