Who Is Pushing For Daniel Cormier To Be Part Of WWE’s Announce Team?

As we previously reported, Daniel Cormier revealed during UFC 230 promotional rounds that he had to postpone a tryout he had schedule with WWE which would have seen him do commentary with the company. Cormier said the tryout was postponed so he could train for his upcoming fight.

The news of Cormier’s postponed WWE tryout was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. During the discussion Meltzer revealed who is pushing for Cormier’s WWE tryout.

Regarding who is pushing for Daniel Cormier’s WWE tryout, Meltzer said:

“Fox wants Cormier, so that’s the deal with Cormier. Number 1 they want more of a sports presentation. Number 2 they love Cormier from UFC and they don’t want to lose him, so that’s what that’s about.”

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more regarding Daniel Cormier and his WWE tryout.

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(H/T our friends at Ringsidenews.com for the transcriptions.)