Who The Next Breakout Star From NXT Might Be

NXT talents are usually sent to the main roster once they have achieved enough at NXT, but they may or may not have a great time on the main roster.

On the latest audio update of PW Insider Elite, Dave Scherer explained who the next breakout star from NXT might be and how Vince will use him. This is what he said:

“He is super talented, but he’s not one of those guys who when he was in NXT, people were like: ‘That’s my guy, I love Elias!’ it’s going to be someone like that. It’s going to be — you never even knew who Braun Strowman was. So Vince knew who he was and that was his guy so it’s you know it’s going to be somebody probably you see down there right now and you don’t see a lot in or somebody who Vince will see a Hell of a lot more than you.”

“I think it’s fair to say I look at Lars Sullivan and say if Vince gets his hands on that guy or when he gets his hands on that guy there’s money to be made for sure because Lars — I see a lot in him.”

It all depends on Vince whether he really wants to push Lars to the moon or not when he eventually plucks him from NXT. We will have to wait till it happens.

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcript.