Ronda Rousey Reportedly Wrote Her Own Promo On Raw

Ronda Rousey burned the Bella Twins with a fiery promo during Raw this week. She said she will eradicate them like smallpox and that they were the scourge of the Earth. She also said that the only door Nikki Bella ever kicked down was the one to John Cena’s bedroom which really hit close to open. It was intense and believable and most importantly, definitely matched her character. So it turns out that Ronda herself had written the promo.

Bryan Alverez discussed this on  Wrestling Observer Live. This is what he said:

“So here’s the story in case you haven’t heard — that Ronda Rousey promo, she wrote that whole thing herself.”

While there will always be those who put down anything written by the WWE, it can’t be argued that Ronda truly cut a terrific promo that showed her skills. If only WWE would allow more creative control.

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.