The Rock Might Have Declined Smackdown 1000 Due To Saudi Arabia Deal

WWE is currently in deep trouble and controversy due to their deal with the Saudi Arabian government after the reported murder or a Washington Post journalist.

On the latest audio update of PW Insider Elite, Dave Scherer said that The Rock would have at least filmed something to be shown on Smackdown 1000 but instead he just sent out a tweet a few hours before the broadcast and it has to do with the current controversy surrounding WWE’s Saudi deal. This is what he said:

“One thing everyone needs to consider is where The Rock’s concern is. I’ll bet ya he thought about it, and I’ll bet ya as soon as this Saudi Arabia thing happened he said, ‘I’m one of the top box office draws in the world. I just can’t be associated with WWE right now.”

Regardless of the reason, The Rock wasn’t a part of Smackdown 1000 which was disappointing, to say the least.

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