WWE And Charlotte & Ric Flair Being Sued By Charlotte’s Ex-Husband Over Allegations Made In Book

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair, her father WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, and the WWE are all being sued for defamation by Charlotte’s ex-husband Riki Paul Johnson.

Johnson is claiming that he was defamed in a book co-written by Charlotte & Ric Flair titled “Second Nature” when Charlotte wrote that he was sterile and unable to father children. Johnson and Flair were married from 2010 to 2011.

TMZ released an article earlier today stating that they had obtained documents revealing that Johnson is demanding over $5 million dollars in damages.

In the suit, Johnson claims that both Charlotte & Ric Flair wrote negatively about his relationship with Charlotte, and that the information in the book stating that he was sterile and unable to father children is false. Johnson claims that the allegations in the book “Second Nature” have humiliated his family – including his three children, because they are all now subject to ridicule and shame by those who believe the allegations made by The Flairs.

Johnson also goes on to claim in the suit that the book contains “multiple false allegations physical and/or psychological abuse”. Johnson claims he can prove the allegations against him are false based on police reports and dash cam footage. Johnson also claims that Charlotte & Ric Flair wrongly stated that he was fired from 2 jobs due to his illicit drug use.

Johnson claims in the suit that he was intentionally portrayed as a villain in order to make Charlotte seem like she was a “victim who overcame personal adversity and domestic abuse.”

He also claims that because WWE was directly involved in the marketing of the book that they should be held liable as well. TMZ stated that they had reached out to Charlotte & Ric Flair for a comment but so far had not received any official statement. WWE did however make an official statement saying, “We recently received what appears to be a meritless lawsuit and we will vigorously defend ourselves.”

We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.

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