Smackdown 1000 – Results & Recap

(Segment 1) Truth TV With The McMahon Family: This opening was boring and not really exciting. Shane came out right after Steph did. Vince then came out and had a dance break with them. It was a rather boring opening. I thought the opening would be better but it was just boring and did not really add anything. It was really just them dancing with nothing special at all.

(Segment 2) AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs The Usos: WWE is really dropping the ball with this episode already and are not doing so hot. This match was just thrown together and had no purpose really. The Usos beat Bryan and Styles in a meaningless match.

(Segment 3) Evolution Reunites: This was something I was looking forward to, and it definitely helped the night get better. It was great to see them all together again, very cool feeling. That was a great promo from all of them. The four of them went out there and had fun, which was great to see. It looks like we will be getting Batista vs HHH sooner or later because it got heated between them after The Animal said HHH has never beat him, then they faced off. The segment did end with a good feel though and really added to the night.

(Segment 4) Rusev vs The Miz: Kurt Angle joined commentary, which was fun to see. Miz stole a quick win after Aiden distracted Rusev. That caused Rusev to get rolled up for the pin. No one in this segment mentioned got an entrance, which is weird.

(Segment 5) Cutting Edge With Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair: This was a short segment that ended in a big brawl that needed to be separated. It helped their feud add more heat, but I wish the segment was longer.

(Segment 6) The Bar vs The New Day (Smackdown Live Tag Titles): This was thrown together earlier tonight and came out of nowhere. These two teams always put on a good match, which I am fine with. Big Show came out randomly and for no reason. He chokelsammed Kofi through the announce table, that caused a distraction for Big E to get pinned by Cesaro. The Bar are the new tag champs! This is yet another heel turn by Big Show.

(Segment 7) Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura (World Cup Qualifying Match): It is great to see Rey back in WWE for good. He is one of the most iconic figures in WWE history and really helped the WWE for what it is today. We all knew his match with Nakamura was going to be good because both of them are great performers. Rey took the win over Nakamura and will move onto Crown Jewel.

(Segment 8) Undertaker Returns To Smackdown:  This return does not feel as big because we have seen him a lot in the past month. It was only a five minute segment, it felt rushed and weird. It ended after he walked out.