205 Live Recap: Episode 98

Last week on 205 Live: Jack Gallagher lost to Akira Tozawa so Drew Gulak kicked The Brian Kendrick out of the group. TJP lost to Kalisto and decided to unmask the luchadore. Also, during Super Show-Down BUDDY MURPHY became the new cruiserweight champion in what some say was the match of the show.

Cold Open

A recap of the amazing match from Australia with Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy wrestling for the cruiserweight championship. There is dramatic ass music during the match highlights, really well done.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and they put over the outstanding victory of Buddy Murphy. We hear that Tony Nese called out Alexander on Twitter so they are having a match tonight.

Lio Rush vs. Lince Dorado

Lio Rush comes out in a Bobby Lashley shirt. Rush grabs the mic and says he is here to make somebody famous tonight. Rush says “I’m gonna give an individual the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Lucha House Party music hits, and we are back into the swing of things with a LHP member starting off 205 Live. The crowd really could care less for any of this.

Commentary says Lio might have too big of an ego as of late, what with this open challenge and all. Lio backs up the talk though and he and Lince skip the feeling out process and go right into a quick back and forth battle.

We learn a bit about Lince Dorado as well. He seems to be having a character change since he had his mask taken off. Commentary says Lince takes great pride in his mask, it’s basically the man’s identity. After being unmasked, he has become more aggressive.

Both men battle outside of the ring with Lio being in full control. Once they get back in the ring Rush only gets a one count and starts to show a little bit of frustration. That leads to Lio scratching the chest and back of Lince. Lio mocks Dorado calling him a kitty cat that needs some milk.

Rush then attempts to unmask Lince, which fires Dorado up into a comeback. Dorado takes time to reattach his mask and that’s what gave Rush a chance to capitalize, which Lio does not. Dorado and Rush end up fighting on the top turnbuckle for a bit until Dorado was able to connect with a hot crossed body.

Rush hits a few kicks to the face of Lince and follows that up with a cartwheel killswitch for two. Honestly I have no idea who is going to win this match. Very well wrestled and showcases both men. Lince gets a nearfall with a flash pin and then superkicks Lio. Dorado is in full control, hits a springboard stunner and a dive to the outside. The crowd is coming alive until……

The Kanellis clan interrupts the match and causes the match to end in a no contest. Mike Kanellis focuses his attention on Lince Dorado hitting a twisting DDT. Maria enters the ring and the happy couple stand tall. It’s nice to see Mike having something to do now and I’m excited to see where these two are headed in the land of the cruiserweights.

Buddy Murphy cuts a selfie promo. Buddy says you can’t stop the unstoppable. He says he is staying in Australia a bit longer and won’t be on the show tonight. Murphy will come back when he is ready.

Forever bros Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali talk to each other. Ali and Itami have a falls count anywhere match in two weeks. Mustafa warns Cedric that Alexander shouldn’t wrestle Tony Nese tonight because it is too soon. It’s weird how only the crusierweights have storylines that center around them pushing themselves too hard or not being able to recover from big matches quickly. That is never even a thought on the main roster. People be having Hell in a Cell matches and wrestling the very next night.

A recap of The Brian Kendrick getting kicked out of his clique with Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak. That leads to Drew and Jack cutting a backstage promo in front of a purple wall. They said they kicked Kendrick out because he lost his killer instinct. Next week Akira Tozawa is on their radar. 

Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander

Tony Nese counts his eight abs, except he has an outie so I count that as a ninth ab.

As the feeling out process starts, commentary brings up the psychological toll a loss has had on Cedric. He has been undefeated all year and this is his first match since his first loss in 2018. They bring up how Alexander’s face is showing doubt and frustration.

Cedric hits a dropkick to the face of Nese and follows that up with repeated kicks to the face. Cedric screams in anger and then tries to pull Nese’s hair. Sure seems like all the faces on 205 are getting a mean streak. As Nese gains control of the match, while Alexander yells in pain, the commentary team states that there is no way Alexander is 100%.

Cedric gets about two moves in but Nese is able to cut off the momentum and continue laying on the pain. Tony even does a leg scissors, which gives Nese the opportunity to sling insults at Alexander.

Cedric is able to fight through the pain and comeback with some kicks to the face of Nese, a clothesline putting Tony over the top rope to the floor and ending the sequence with a flip over the top rope. Cedric hits a springboard clothesline but Nese is able to kick out at two.

Nese got pinned in a backslide, but that wasn’t the finish so referee Charles Robinson and the two wrestlers played it off like nothing happened. It was weird, instead of kicking out of the backslide, Nese tried to roll out of it. The amount of time it took for him to roll his shoulder off the mat was longer than three seconds though.

A strike battle takes place with chops, punches, knees, forearms and kicks. After a kick to the face by Alexander, both me are laid out on the mat. The ref starts the 10 count and Cedric is able to stand up first at eight. Cedric almost has the match won after that with a spanish fly but Nese was able to get his foot on the rope.

Cedric knocked Nese loopy after a punch to the face, but when he tried to capitalize, the ref got in the way. Cedric started yelling at the ref and that gave Nese enough time to hit a German suplex into the corner, followed by a running Nese and ending in a 450 splash for the win. Vic Joseph puts the win over as the biggest win in Nese’s career. The second loss of the year for Cedric as well.

Pretty good show tonight, two fun matches and a debut in under an hour of wrestling.

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