Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair Match Ends In Disappointment

Becky Lynch defended her SmackDown Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair this week to start out the show and if the match ended on DQ, then Lynch would lose her title. The two had a very intense match, to say the least. Lynch had grabbed hold of her title and tried to hit Charlotte with it but was stopped by the referee.

After a flurry of offence from both competitors, that included a Beckslpoder on the outside, and Flair hitting a suplex of her own, they went back to the ring; only to have Becky come out again. This frustrated Charlotte and the two began to duke it out outside once more until the referee counted to 10. Thus, the match ended in a double count-out.

Flair then speared Becky through the Smackdown entrance LED wall, after which trainers went out to attend to both of them. The final shot was Charlotte’s hand covered in blood, all the way up to her arm.

So it seems their rivalry will continue through Evolution and perhaps beyond.

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