Smackdown Live Recap For October 9th, 2018

(Segment 1) Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (Smackdown Live Women’s Title): WWE announced earlier before this match that if Becky was disqualified that she would lose her title. This was a rematch from Saturday at Super Showdown. This was slower paced match with less action because Becky announced earlier on Tuesday that she had a cracked jaw. It was weird that neither of them got entrances and kicked off the show right away. This match picked up towards the end but ended badly. This match ended in a double count out, which was very boring. This match was just starting to pick up as they got counted out. These two took up the first half hour of the show. After the match Charlotte speared Becky through the LED board on stage. We will see these two fight next at Evolution, most likely with a stipulation. Overall this was a pretty good match, I cannot wait to see their match at Evolution where I expect them to go all out.

(Segment 2) Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy (World Cup Qualifying Match): When they announced this match I was excited to see them face each other because they barely face each other. I had good hopes for this match and like both of them together. Hardy won via stoppage because Joe could not stand. Jeff will move onto Crown Jewel for the World Cup Tournament.

(Segment 3) Miz TV With AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan: Usually Miz TV ends in chaos and some type of angle to end the show. I expected this one to be good after they announced it before Smackdown Live. All of these men were great on the mic and helped get this feud to a next level. Miz TV is always good at helping superstars and the matches. This segment really helped and added a lot to this show. Shelton came out after DB and AJ were staring down…now we get AJ vs Shelton.

(Segment 4) AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (Non-Title): AJ does not wrestle a lot on Smackdown Live, so I am glad he is in action tonight. Him and Shelton are capable of putting on a clinic because of how good they are in the ring. Styles took a win over Shelton.

(Segment 5) Aiden English Segment: I could care less about this feud and think WWE hss dropped the ball with it adding this stupid stuff about Lana and Aiden. Lana said Aiden was hacked and it was set up, still a boring way to go with feud.

(Segment 6) Randy Orton vs Big Show (World Cup Qualifying Match): I do not have any interest in this match or a Big Show return. WWE is so stuck in the past and need to move forward, these part timers are not helping the company at all. Orton took the win and will move on to the World Cup!

Smackdown Live Grade: B+