Smackdown Live Recap For October 2nd, 2018

(Segment 1) Paige Kicks Off Smackdown Live: Paige says that Samoa Joe should be fired after Joe went to the Styles’ household. Obviously Joe is not fired and he is still with WWE. Styles then said via video that he is not at Smackdown, the fans did not like that. Styles put out a good promo from the living room of his house, that made the promo even better. WWE is finally making the WWE Title mean something.

(Segment 2) R-Ttruth and Carmella vs Andrades ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega: I think this feud is very entertaining but I am not a fan of Mixed Tag matches. I think this feud is fun though and can help Smackdown even more. This was a good match that ended with Carmella making Vega tap out.

(Segment 3) New Day Cooks: This segment was obviously for comedy, and it was to tell people what the secret ingredient of their pancakes is. The Bar interrupted this segment, which was a good thing because it was starting to fall off. A fight broke out between the two teams and food was everywhere.

(Segment 4) Randy Orton vs Tye Dillinger: With time I think these two can work well together and have a good feud over a month or so. I like Tye but he is one of the most unused guys in WWE and I am glad they are finally using him. I think Orton will win this feud though, which is not good for the Perfect Ten. This match never got started because Tye went after Randy before the bell rang, the two brawled for about 5 mintues in and around the ring.

(Segment 5) Aiden English “One Night In Milwaukee” Segment: Aiden claimed to have information regarding Rusev and Lana’s relationship that could cause it to end. He said something happened in Milwaukee one night with Lana, and claimed he had proof. The video shows Lana telling Aiden that she wants him. English then says there is more but cannot show it. Rusev chased Aiden off the stage, I am sure we will see more of this nex week.

(Segment 6) Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin: I expected this match to be good since these two guys are veterans and work really well in the ring. These two have the ability to put on a clinic any night of the week. Shelton pinned Bryan after hitting Paydirt courtesy of a distraction from Miz.

(Segment 7) Asuka vs Peyton Royce: I could really care less about this match and have no thoughts on it. This feud is really boring and annoying with Asuka/Naomi and the IIconics. Asuka took the win via submission.

(Segment 8) Becky Lynch’s Surprise For SSD: Becky promised she would have a surprise for SSD. Becky’s surprise was just a stupid poster for SSD, very stupid ending to Smackdown Live.

Smackdown Live Grade: C