Renee Young On Her Working As Full-Time Commentator On Raw

Renee Young sat down with Phillip Martinez of Newsweek and talked about among other things, her job as a full-time member of the Commentary team on Raw.

What Renee feels about joining the Commentary team.

“It goes in waves. I’ll read a cool article or reflect mentally on how the week has gone and got that moment of “oh my god, this actually happened.” It feels like such a dream, this opportunity. I’ve been waiting so long to do it and now it has finally happened.”

How preparing for a PPV is an entirely different experience.

“I talked to [Michael] Cole a little bit about it last week. I’m still figuring out how I prepared to do commentary, which is different than how I would prepare for a Kickoff panel which I have down to a science. With commentary, it’s so different because you want to be prepared with information on the guys and girls and some of the stories I want to tell. But I also want to react to what I’m seeing. I haven’t got my preparing down to an art just yet.”

We are glad that Renee got this opportunity and look forward to seeing how she performs.

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Credit to Phillip Martinez of Newsweek for the transcription.