The Prospect Of Cody As NWA World Heavyweight Champion

On Saturday at All In, Bullet Club member Cody defeated Nick Aldis to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Almost 39 years after his father Dusty Rhodes won the title, Cody has followed in the Dream’s footsteps.

But what does this mean for the NWA? with a resurgence for the promotion in the past year, could this mean even bigger things for Billy Corgan’s plans?

NWA heading back to mainstream?

Now with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion in the possession of Cody, could this mean that the title along with the promotion will be back in the mainstream?

Being one of the biggest names on the independent wrestling scene, Cody has been a prominent star for the likes of NJPW and ROH. Thus with this in mind, there is the potential that the title might make an appearance at these promotions.

Furthermore, Cody could potentially defend the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at the promotions respective shows or PPVs.

Since Billy Corgan acquired the promotion last year, the NWA has been making a slow but steady come back. Former champion Nick Aldis was a brilliant ambassador who carried the title and proved his worth.

Now with Cody carrying the torch, it will be interesting to see if the NWA World Champion will do some traveling of its own.

Cody as an NWA roster member

Part of the NWA’s comeback has been their “Ten Pounds of Gold” series which has been available online on YouTube.

The series was essentially ushered in a new era for the promotion. Building up a decent roster with various recognizable faces, which Cody can only add to that.

Also, there is a potential for more stars to come in and work with the American Nightmare under the NWA brand, which can only be beneficial for Corgan’s future plans to continue to push the NWA back onto the mainstream.