Miz and Mrs. : Miz Takes the Cake

The first episode of Miz and Mrs. was something that had been hyped up for weeks on Smackdown Live. When the first episode finally aired, of course fans were going to be tuning in, especially when the show airs right after Smackdown.  The real question on everyone’s mind though was would this show last? Would the Miz and his wife Maryse be able to hold down this show for more than one episode, were they awesome enough?

Maryse Says: Let Them Eat Cake

This episode of Miz and Mrs. starts off with preparations being made for Maryse’s baby shower. This is a special event specifically for the couple, not only because it is the baby shower for their first child, but because it is also the last event that is being hosted at the couple’s old house which has been appropriately named Chateau MarMiz. Maryse is convinced that this baby shower needs to be grown up and elegant because it is the last party that will ever take place here and the couple is known for their parties.  Miz and Maryse decide to go look for a cake for the baby shower and Maryse finds her dream cake… there’s just one problem; her dream cake is ridiculously expensive. Miz refuses to pay such a ludicrous amount for a cake and even goes so far as to try to get a deal from the bakery, which works but not as well as he would like. By the end, Miz and Maryse compromise, she gets a smaller cake, and Miz doesn’t have to pay such a hefty price for the cake. This of course, leads to the endless debate between the two of them about the Miz and how cheap he can be. On their way home, while discussing this, Miz stops to buy Maryse roses and a big stuffed bear for Valentines Day. Maryse is so overwhelmed that she starts to cry from happiness, though Miz makes it a point to tell her that he got a good deal on the roses and the stuffed bear as well.

Like Father, Like Son

It is the day of the baby shower and Miz must go pick up his father at the airport. Maryse already is not too pleased with this idea, but Miz tells her that it will be fine, and everything will go as planned. The Miz should know by now that those are his famous last words most of the time, which happens to include this time as well. On the way home from the airport, Miz is discussing the whole cake debacle with his father. His father comes up with the brilliant idea that instead of having to pay for the cake to be delivered, the two of them should go pick it up right now and bring it back to the house themselves, so that it will be cheaper. Miz agrees but only to discover that the cake is not in a box with a cover on it. Both father and son are driving back to Chateau MarMiz when Miz stops short, causing the cake to tumble forward, and destroying one side of the cake completely. Miz decides too late that it wasn’t the best idea to take his father’s advice on this one and runs back to the bakery, only to have the employees tell him that the cake is clearly not salvageable. This leads to the Miz having to do what he didn’t want to do in the first place, he ends up spending more money to buy the more expensive cake that Maryse had wanted from the beginning.

A Close One

The baby shower is a success and at the end of the episode everything ends up going off without a hitch…  well, almost. Miz lies to Maryse telling her that it took so long getting back to Chateau MarMiz because he was surprising her with the bigger cake that she had wanted, leaving out the fact that he had destroyed the first one tying to be cheap. Maryse finds out the truth when her Mother discovers one of the flowers from the original cake in the back of Miz’s car. Maryse teasingly confronts Miz about the cake situation and the episode ends with the viewers learning the funniest piece of information so far, no one at the baby shower ate the cake. The most wonderful thing about Miz and Maryse as a couple is shown in this last segment of the episode, they make each other laugh. Throughout everything, they’re there for each other, making the best of every situation, and continuing to smile along the way. Viewers should remember when watching Miz and Mrs. that Maryse getting pregnant was not a plan, it was definitely a surprise, but it’s clear they have embraced that, along with every other aspect of their crazy lives.

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