WWE Superstar Very Critical Over Bayley Superfan Izzy’s Title Win – Draws Response From WWE Trainer

As we have previously reported, “Bayley Super Fan” Izzy competed in a pro wrestling match at a Punk Pro Wrestling event over the weekend, and actually won a title in the process.

The match was ref’d by indy wrestling star Leva Bates, who has appeared in NXT as Blue Pants in the past.

Leva posted the following tweet regarding the match.

During the match, Izzy ended up on the receiving end of a chokeslam from wrestler Effy. Which you can see video’s of the spot embedded in the tweets below.

You can see a picture of Izzy, Leva, and Effy taken following the show below.

While everyone involved seemed to have a good time, and the spot appeared to be done well and safely.. One WWE Superstar apparently was not a fan of the spot at all.

WWE Superstar Lince Dorado commented on the match and posted his opinion on the situation on twitter. Dorado said, “To all of my friends who support the decision of a 12-year-old getting chokeslam in a professional wrestling ring that is your opinion however I do not agree and find that very disturbing.”

You can see Lince’s comments regarding Izzy’s match, chokeslam spot, and title win below.

Dorado’s comments drew a response from WWE Trainer Adam Pearce, to which he simply asked “Really?!?!?!” and posted a gif from the movie Friday. You can see Pearce’s tweet in response to Dorado below.

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