Brock Lesnar USADA Drug Testing Update

With Brock Lesnar dropping the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam, and then not appearing on RAW the following night after being advertised for months, it is safe to say he is gone indefinitely while he begins training for his upcoming UFC Heavyweight Title fight against Daniel Cormier sometime in the near future.

Lesnar re-entered the USADA testing pool back in July, making the earliest that he could return to the Octagon sometime in early January, 2019. (Some reports have said the date is 1/8/19.) According the the official website of the USADA, Brock Lesnar has been tested three times since he re-entered the pool, which was last updated on August 1st. That would mean that Brock Lesnar has had to submit three drug tests in just under a month.

In an update, since August 1st, it appears as though Brock has not had to submit any samples for testing. The latest update on the USADA website was for August 22nd, and still only shows Lesnar being tested three times.

With Lesnar seemingly gone to the UFC for the unforeseeable future, it has left many to wonder what this means for Paul Heyman. There has been talk of potentially pairing him up with somebody else, however we have not been able to confirm any of the names in discussion.

We will keep you update if we hear anything more regarding Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman.

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