WWE Making Change To Four Horsewomen Plans

As has been reported over the last few months there has been talks again of a potential MMA Four Horsewomen vs. WWE Four Horsewomen program once again after the idea was shelved last year. However, after we saw Becky Lynch turn heel and attack Charlotte following her loss in the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Title match it appears as though the plans are once again being put on hold… somewhat.

On the latest episode of Barn Burner’s No Holds Barred podcast, Joseph Peisich discussed Becky’s heel turn and the status of the rumored Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen program. Peisich noted that apparently the idea could now be modified, with Becky turning on Charlotte they wouldn’t be included on the same team. Instead however, it looks like more women could be added to the mix.

Regarding Becky’s heel turn at SummerSlam, and the status of the WWE Four Horsewomen, Peisich said:

“With Becky turning on Charlotte, I don’t see that they will have a 4 Horsewomen per say with those 4. I think they are going to go with 5 people and maybe the Bella Twins invade the 4 Horsewomen.”

During the discussion they went on to add that WWE Superstars like Natalya or Nikki Bella could even be brought into the storyline to potentially even things out in a 5 on 5 setting. The added that Trish Stratus could even possibly be considered as a possible wildcard for the spot as well.

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(H/T our friends at Ringsidenews.com for the transcriptions.)