Smackdown Live Recap For August 8th, 2018

(Segment 1) Randy Orton Kicks Off Smackdown: Orton talks about how he is going to get violent and that people should change the channel. Randy says people shouldn’t believe in hope or super heroes. I like Randy in this role and he is over as a heel yet again. This is actually a feud I like and can get behind. He then says that he isn’t respected and wants it from people. Randy says he’ll take out every Superstar that the fans like and praise. This was a very good promo from Orton and a good way to start the show.

(Segment 2) Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs IIconics: Carmella joined in on commentary, and she was very annoying. In a pretty quick match with little action Charlotte and Becky get the win via the Figure Four Leg Lock.

(Segment 3) AJ Styles Promo: Styles says he is coming for Joe and Joe won’t be able to walk out of Summerslam. AJ also said he’s going to win for his kids and show them how good he is. AJ also got emotional talking about his kids and how he wishes he was with them more.

(Segment 4) Lana vs Zelina Vega: This match was boring, as everyone expected. It had little action and a bad ending. Vega got the win via pinfall because of English hitting Almas into Lana which lead to a pinfall after the Double Knees of Vega.

(Segment 5) Miz Promo: This promo was really just to promote Miz’s TV show, but also heated up his match at Summerslam against Daniel Bryan. This is a match everyone is looking forward to and have high hopes for. Miz went on and on about Bryan and bashed him, Bryan had enough and beat up Miz during the interview backstage. This really helped their feud and heated it up even more. This is my favorite feud in WWE right now.

(Segment 6) Shinsuke Nakamura vs R-Truth: Nakamura was in control most of this match and this was basically just to showcase him. R-Truth did show some good moves and showed he can still move and perform. Shinsuke won via pinfall after hitting the Kinshasta. Nakamura was dominate in this match and has more momentum going into his Summerslam match for the US Title with Jeff Hardy.

(Segment 7) Bludgeon Brothers vs Jobbers: Not really much to say about this one, Bludgeon Brothers murdered 3 jobbers, that is all.

(Segment 8) New Day vs Bar (Tag Title Contender Finals): I was looking forward to this match since last week and I finally got it. This main event was awesome and it capped off a really good night. This match kept fans on their feet and I’m sure it kept viewers watching on TV, it was a really good match. New Day pinned The Bar via pinfall after hitting the Midnight Hour.

Overall Smackdown Live Grade: B+