Exclusive: Matt Riddle Injured Saturday During EVOLVE Title Match

Not only did Matt Riddle lose the EVOLVE Title Saturday night to Shane Strickland but it appears that he lost more than that..

We have confirmed through our source that Matt Riddle suffered a pretty intense injury Saturday night during his match with Shane Strickland resulting in Riddle needing a trip to the hospital.

The match involved tables, ladders, and chairs and somewhere during the match Riddle apparently took the tip of his pointer finger off According to Riddle’s mom the injury happened during the “first chair clip”. Riddle immediately began to bleed, and required a hospital and doctor visit as a result.

Riddle’s mother also posted an update via her instagram account with an image of Matt’s finger, which also read:

“Thank you for watching and checking in on him @prowrestling5star!
Today Matt wrestled an intense hardcore match that involved tables, ladders and chairs. The first chair clip took the tip of his pointer finger off (wrong finger in my comment).😬 Blood within the first few minutes got the kids attention for sure. He explained to them today that he was going to wrestle hard, and it was going to be intense to watch. They smiled and said they couldn’t wait to see. It did rock them a little. Watching Dad get carried off like he did was not easy. Thankfully Fred got the wink he did at them on video! When he showed them how Dad gave them a wink as he was getting taken out they felt better.”

You can see her post below.

The injury Riddle sustained Saturday night has already forced him to be pulled from his appearance tomorrow night for Real Shoot Wrestling. RSW announced that Riddle will be replaced by “Flyin'” Brian Pillman Jr.

“Because of injury over this past weekend Matt Riddle will not be at tomorrow show at the Mannington District Fair. No worries we have a replacement and that replacement is Brian Pillman Jr. see you guys tomorrow.”

Riddle also had a seminar scheduled to take place today (Monday) but it was also cancelled because of his injury over the weekend.

As we previously stated in an exclusive report, Matt Riddle has signed a WWE contract and is expected to debut at TakeOver: Brooklyn the night before SummerSlam.

We will keep you updated if we receive any more information regarding Matt Riddle’s injury.

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