Miz and Mrs. : A Simple Mizunderstanding

Two weeks ago, USA did the unthinkable. They decided to give MizTV a whole new meaning by giving the Miz and his wife Maryse their own reality T.V show, Miz and Mrs., for fans to enjoy. With the perfect time slot, airing right after Smackdown Live, the show promises to take viewers into the lives of both Miz and Maryse while they are getting ready for their first daughter to arrive. To say their worlds will be turned outside down is an understatement and thankfully, they are taking fans along for the ride.


Miz is Ready for His Close Up

The first episode of the season starts up with Maryse talking about her pregnancy photo shoot that she wants the Miz to be a part of as well. Maryse is about 20 days away from her due date so the photos need to be done as soon as possible. The date to get them done is all set and the Miz is on his way to the photo shoot when he calls Maryse asking her about what he will be wearing for the photo shoot. Though modern technology can do many things, it cannot fix communication errors when reception is bad, and the Miz believes that he hears Maryse tell him that this will be a nude photo shoot. To say hilarity ensues would be the understatement of the year. The Miz gets there and starts panicking, it is clear he isn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of the shoot, but he is willing to do it for his wife. He is looking all around the dressing room and is complaining that there are no robes and no towels for him to at least cover himself up on the walk to the photo shoot. It is then that the Miz decides to just go out to the shoot completely naked shocking not only his wife but all the people working on the photo shoot as well. After the shock wears off however, Maryse has the perfect idea, they make a joke out of it, having Miz have his own nude photo shoot, much like the style you would see in a Playboy magazine.

Trading in Sunglasses for a Cowboy Hat

As if all of that wasn’t funny enough, viewers learn that a baby isn’t the only change happening for the Miz and Maryse. The couple has decided to leave Los Angeles behind and move to Texas. The Miz has decided that it would be the perfect idea for the couple and their dogs to drive to Texas, having a family road trip. Meanwhile, Maryse does not see that as picture perfect at all, she would prefer to fly by private jet. The Miz tries to explain to her how expensive that would be while she could care less about the price of the plane. In the end the two reach a compromise. When the Miz shows Maryse a big bus that they could take to Texas instead of taking a Winnebago. Once seeing what the inside of the bus looks like, Maryse happily agrees to take the bus instead of flying by private jet.

MIZTV is Exactly What it Should Be

The episode ends with Maryse talking to fellow WWE superstar Renee about being pregnant and looking forward to having a baby when suddenly, she is in pain. Renee runs to go get the Miz to tell him, leaving him running throughout the arena in a frantic state, trying to find his wife. When he finally finds her she is at catering, perfectly fine, and happily eating. It ends the episode on a funny moment, making viewers laugh, right before seeing what the can expect from the whole season. Any WWE fan knows by now that the Miz and Maryse are certainly a powerful, perfect couple. They’re funny and their chemistry has always been something that fans could clearly see. Watching them take on this new chapter of their lives is everything that fans would expect it to be and why should we be surprised? Most people have legendary moments throughout their lives but for the Miz and Maryse nothing is legendary. It is above legendary, everything for them is awesome!

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