Total Bellas: What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Episode two of Total Bellas had a lot of hype to live up to, the first episode of the season had everyone tuning in to see what would happen between John Cena and Nikki Bella. The first episode of the season laid the groundwork, showing viewers what could be the reasons behind their engagement ending. It also showed viewers where Bri Bella and Daniel Bryan where at in their lives. The second episode deals with the events surrounding Nikki and John’s engagement party and Bri getting back into the ring after having her daughter, Birdie.

Fearless Nikki?

In episode two, Nikki and John have decided to have an engagement party to celebrate their engagement to each other. Both Nikki and John seem excited about the idea of having the party and starting to plan their wedding. Nikki is so excited about the party and the wedding that she decides to surprise John by having his two best friends come to the engagement party. Normally, this would not be a problem, except while on the phone with John’s best friends, Nikki implies that both men will be John’s best men when John has not decided on that yet. When Nikki realizes that she has made a mistake, she tells John that she implied to his best friends that they would be his best men. While having this discussion together John very calmly says to Nikki that he just needs her to be honest with him, which leads to the two of them discussing where their wedding should take place. When asked where she would want the wedding to be, Nikki admits that she would love to get married in Napa Valley, and by the end of the conversation their wedding location has been changed to Napa Valley, making Nikki a very happy bride.

This does not last very long though. Later in the episode, Nikki, her friends, and some family decide to go wedding dress shopping. Nikki is trying on dresses but while everyone else is getting exciting and commenting on dresses, Nikki herself looks like she is going through the motions. Nikki even admits in an interview later that she felt nothing that she knew she was supposed to be feeling while trying on the dresses. As the episode carries on, viewers get to see Nikki at the engagement party going through the motions for the most part. When it is announced at her engagement party that her brother and sister in law are expecting their second child however, Nikki breaks down, leaving the party to go upstairs, and have a moment to herself. Nikki finds herself, yet again, questioning having children, being a mother, and whether being engaged to John is the right thing for her.

Transformations for Bri

While Nikki is going through all these mixed emotions herself, Bri is doing her best to get back into shape for the Royal Rumble coming up where both Bellas will be competing. Bri continues to have self- confidence issues with her body, post pregnancy, but decides this will not stop her from making her comeback. Throughout the episode viewers get to see Bri working with her husband Daniel Bryan in the ring and in the gym getting her body back up to speed for her career. It is truly amazing to watch both Bri and Bryan in their element and to see where it all started for them. What is refreshing to see throughout this episode, as well, is how incredible Bri is at balancing everything in her life. Her time with her daughter never suffers just because she is working on getting her body ring ready again. Not only that but she still makes the time to be there for anything that Nikki needs her for. This episode shows that for Bri Bella herself, Bri mode means tackling everything and anything.

What Now?

The episode ends with Nikki making a very big decision; she can’t live the rest of her life without having kids. She knows this is the choice she has made and knows that at the same time, this could be the thing that destroys her and John. She sits John down to tell him that she wants to be a mother and the episode ends with John saying to Nikki that he is not sure they should go through with this, cutting straight to black, leaving viewers with some answers but even more questions than they had before. It has become abundantly clear that the problems for Nikki and John revolve around children. While watching this episode, I felt like I was watching the events leading up to a car crash in slow motion. I knew while watching this episode and this season, that this is going to end in a break up and with people being heartbroken. Yet, at the same time, I can’t look away. Others must feel the same way, with this being the most watched season of Total Bellas yet. As I go to turn on the next episode of the season, I feel my stomach drop. It seems as if viewers are at the top of the biggest hill of the Nikki and John roller coaster. As they go over that hill and turn on the next episode, there is the sense that everything as they know it is about to change.

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