WWE Monday Night Raw Recap From July 30th, 2018

(Segment 1) Roman Reigns Kicks Off Raw: WWE usually puts on good shows in Miami so this one was destined to be good. Roman wasn’t getting a great reaction in his home state of Florida. He began to talk about Lesnar and then Heyman came out to have a wpord with Reigns. Roman says he is going to send Brock back to the UFC as his ‘bitch’. It was an alright segment that didn’t do too much but kicked off the night and set the tone.

(Segment 2) Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin: This was a rematch from Extreme Rules that was announced last week. Their match at Extreme Rules was alright but the ending didn’t help it at all. Corbin and Balor actually work well together and can put on good matches when given time, like tonight. They put on a good match tonight and could do some good stuff in the ring and outside the ring with comedy. Corbin ended up pinning Balor after the End of Days, I think we see another match at Summerslam because this feud is tied 1-1.

(Segment 3) Natalya vs Alicia Fox: I didn’t expect much from this match because these two aren’t good performers and don’t work well. This match brought us into the second hour of Raw. Fox ended up pinning Nattie getting a big win.

(Segment 4) Braun Strowman vs Jinder Mahal: I really didn’t expect much from this match but good comedy and Braun going wild. This match marked us halfway thru the show. This match didn’t last long because Braun got counted out, this was caused by Kevin Owens taking Braun’s MITB briefcase. This caused Braun to run after him and get counted out, Jinder won this match as a result of that.

(Segment 5) Apollo Crews vs Akam: This match was just a time killer and this feud is very boring between these two tag teams. Apollo ended up getting the surprise win after he rolled up Akam.

(Segment 6) Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre: I was really looking forward to seeing this match and expected a lot from it. This match brought us into the third hour of Raw. I like how these two work together and wouldn’t mind seeing a long feud down the road with them. This match was ruined by Dolph after he attacked Seth in the ring, so Seth gets the win via DQ.

(Segment 7) Revival vs Deleter Of Worlds: The B-Team joined commentary for this match. I did expect this match to actually be pretty good and physical. The Revival got the win after they hit the Shatter Machine on Bray Wyatt.

(Segment 8) Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Riott Squad: This match was a time killer to set up the ending of the show. All of these women are able to compete when given time and a good spot though. Banks and Bayley got the obvious win and get momentum.

(Segment 9) Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman End Raw: WWE has been leading up to this end all Raw and wanted to make it big, which is weird because it got like 10-15 minutes. After minutes of talking and Heyman getting fired, Lesnar comes out and hits an F-5 on Angle. It ended after that part.

Overall Raw Grade: D-