Brian Christopher Passes Away After Apparent Suicide Attempt While In Jail

Jerry Lawler’s son, Brian Christopher, 46, passed away after he reportedly attempted suicide while in jail. A report from Pro Wrestling Sheet stated that Christopher had hung himself while in custody, and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Brian Christopher was arrested by Tennessee Police this month for DUI, and allegedly cops had to chase Christopher. Eventually the chase ended, and was arrested after police found an open alcohol in the vehicle.

Dave Meltzer commented on the situation earlier today on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“The Brian Lawler thing, as we are recording this I’ve talked to friends of his, they said he passed away. There’s also Matt Rivera who’s a friend of mine who also has been in contact with the hospital and Jerry Lawler has come back from Raleigh where he did Comic-Con this weekend and Matt Rivera said he’s on life support but they haven’t pulled the plug. Others have said they have in fact pulled the plug several hours ago and he did pass away.”

“I don’t know which but it’s an inevitability either way.”


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