More Indication That Matt Riddle Is WWE Bound

As we have been reporting over the last week, it appears as though former UFC fighter and top independent wrestler Matt Riddle is heading to WWE.

We reported last week that Riddle had indeed signed a contract with WWE, and that he had been pulling out of independent wrestling dates around the same time as SummerSlam, which is another indication that Riddle is WWE bound.

And there is now even more indication that Riddle has indeed signed with WWE, as it appears as though Riddle has taken down his online store, and that he is no longer selling any merchandise online.

Our friends over at have a follow up to the reports of Riddle’s online store being taken down. They reached out to Matt Riddle’s wife, Lisa, who responded to questions regarding the status of his online store, saying “We have had problems with them for over a year. We told them we would take care of everything from here on out.”

The Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer was also asked about Matt Riddle’s online store, and if it closing was a sign that Riddle was headed to the WWE. Meltzer responded to the fan’s question by simply stating, “yes”.


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