CZW Promotes Upcoming Event As One Of Matt Riddle’s Final Before Reporting To WWE

The Matt Riddle to WWE talk continues. As it has been previously reported it is rumored that Matt Riddle has signed a WWE contract and is expected to appear for NXT over SummerSlam weekend, or sometime shortly after.

It was noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live by Bryan Alvarez that CZW has advertised that Matt Riddle is heading to WWE. This of course breaks a big rule WWE has about incoming talent, as talent is not allowed to advertise that they are on their way to the company.

“Combat Zone Wrestling did, in fact, advertise that this coming Saturday night, ‘don’t miss one of Matt Riddle’s final indie appearances before going to WWE.’”

“You’re not supposed to do that. Matt Riddle is not officially allowed to say he’s going to WWE. It’s one of those WWE rules like you can only make one save in a tag match. You can’t say you’re going to WWE until they announce you’re going to WWE which is ironic because they want other people to announce everything else.”

“Matt Riddle I’m sure it seems, shouldn’t say I’m sure. It looks like he’s going to WWE. It looks like he’s showing up at TakeOver. It looks like he’ll be a top star in NXT.”


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