Raw Review For July 23rd, 2018

(Segment 1) Vince, Steph, and HHH Kickoff Raw in Cincinnati: The three of them announce the first all women PPV for the first time ever. It will be called Evolution and will be filled with the past and present WWE women. All of the Women’s Titles will be defended and the Finals of the Mae Young Classic will happen there. The date is October 28th and the location is Long Island, NY at the Nassau Coliseum. WWE will definitely go all out for this PPV and put a lot into it.

(Segment 2) B-Team vs Deleters Of Worlds (Raw Tag Titles): I didn’t expect much from this match because of their past interactions, they have milked this feud. These teams are more for comedy than wrestling. Curtis Axel ended up pinning Matt Hardy via roll up. This match didn’t last that long and didn’t add much to the night.

(Segment 3) Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Jobbers: There obviously isn’t a lot to say about a match like this. It didn’t add anything to the night and was just a time filler. This ended the first hour of Raw and the first hour wasn’t that good besides the big announcement.

(Segment 4) Natalya vs Mickie James: I didn’t expect much from this match and that is what we got. This was just to fill time and promote Ronda vs Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. The action in this match wasn’t good but Mickie got the pin via distraction because Alexa jumped on the apron then Natayla got distracted, this caused her to get superkicked after she turned around and then pinned.

(Segment 5) Tyler Breeze vs Mojo Rawley: This is yet another boring match with nothing to it and no action. This match was very slow paced and didn’t add much to the night. Mojo ended up winning via pinfall after hitting the Running Alabama Slam.

(Segment 6) Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor: This is one match I was actually looking forward to tonight and the one that entertained me. This was one of the few highlights of this Raw. This match moved us into the third hour of Raw. This match was really good until Dolph got involved, this caused Seth to come out and help. This lead to Kurt making the next tag match.

(Segment 7) Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins and Finn Balor: This match was set up by the match before and was set to be good right when it was announced. This match was very action packed with a lot of good action. I like how all of these guys work together and the matches they produce with each other no matter the person. Rollins and Balor pick up the win after Seth pins Dolph.

(Segment 8) Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan: These are two growing superstars who I expect to keep growing in the next couple months. This match was in the time killer spot right before the main event. The both of them did good with the time they were given. Ember got the win after hitting the Eclipse after a really good match.

(Segment 9) Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns: The winner of this match would face Lesnar at Summerslam for the Universal Title. This match was really good and ended Raw on a good note after a bad night. Roman beat Bobby via pin after hitting his spear. Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title is now set for Summerslam.

Overall Raw Grade: C+


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