Dolph Ziggler is Wildly Funny!

This past Thursday Dolph Ziggler appeared on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out. Coming off a victory against Seth Rollins in the 30-minute Iron Man match, why not try to win something else?  Wild N’ Out is a show that has it’s cast and usually a special guest divide into two teams. Throughout the episode the two teams compete in mini-games to rack up points based on how funny your jokes are, the team with the most points at the end wins.

Dolph Ziggler is So Fly…

The entire half hour episode was hysterical. Ziggler was hysterical throughout the entire episode, coming up with jokes seconds before delivering them. Yes, a lot of the jokes aimed at him were naturally about WWE but what was great about Ziggler was that he didn’t rely on his career at the WWE for his jokes. This is a man who could easily do stand up comedy when his wrestling career is finished. His timing on his jokes was perfect and it was easy to see that he was not only cracking up the audience but the cast members of the show as well. At one point in the show, the two teams had to use props in their jokes. The prop that Ziggler’s team received was a chair, because both team’s props were things you would use in a wrestling match. When it was Ziggler’s turn, he took the chair, sat down in it, reached into his pocked for a stack of money, and started throwing it out onto the floor while another teammate, who was a woman, danced in front of him. It was one of the funniest moments in the show that I’m sure will be turned into a GIF if it hasn’t turned into one already.

How Fly is He?

Man, he is so fly that he can win Wild N’ Out! The show ended with Ziggler’s team winning the episode. Something that was so refreshing throughout the episode was that even when the other team was roasting Ziggler and the WWE, he took it all in stride, most of the time he was laughing right along with them! Before watching this all that I knew when it came to Ziggler was his wrestling career. I am so glad that I watched this episode because I think Ziggler gave viewers and fans a real treat showing them a different side of him that many of us have never seen before. It’s safe to say, if he wanted to, Ziggler could have a career in comedy, and sell out comedy clubs in a matter of seconds.

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