Should Total Divas Tap Out?

With Total Divas returning this fall to E! for season eight, it was time for me to watch the season seven finale, ‘Breaking the News.’ This season, the Divas were back with some old favorites and some new ones. The Divas had their ups and downs throughout the season but the season finale itself focused on Lana, Nattie, Maryse, and Nikki Bella.

Baby Miz is On the Way!

In the episode before the finale, the audience was informed that Maryse and the Miz were going to be having a baby. This is very exciting news… except when you are a WWE Superstar. In the finale, Maryse and the Miz deal with the pressures of trying to make their careers and their lives work with the news of Maryse being pregnant. Throughout the episode, the audience can see that Maryse is really struggling to find that balance and is worried about not being able to work while being pregnant. With some bumps and miscommunications along the way, including the Miz pushing for them to move to Cleveland at one point, the couple finally finds a way to make everything work without Maryse having to sacrifice her career for the time being.

Paws Out, Claws Out!

At the start of the season finale, Lana decides that she wants to train with T.J, Nattie’s husband. During the time this was filmed, Lana is moving up in her career at WWE and has started to train to work in the ring. T.J happily accepts and begins to train Lana, there’s just one problem… Nattie is not thrilled with the idea at all. Instead of confronting the issue head on, Nattie decides to lie, and tell Lana that T.J has a form of adult chicken pox. When T.J confronts Nattie with this news, all the while joking about being infected, Nattie admits that she went about things the wrong way, even going so far as to make amends with Lana regarding the issue.

Weddings and Dancing!

Here comes Fearless Nikki taking names and… ballroom dancing? Nikki Bella has been chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars and in this season finale the audience gets to see the toll it takes on her. Wrestling is one thing, she has done it for most of her life, but ballroom dancing? That’s something that is new to her. Like most things though, Nikki gives it her all as viewers get to see behind the scenes of what those first rehearsals were like for her. As if that wasn’t enough Bri continues to pressure Nikki into wedding dress shopping, the perfect transition plot line for the new season of Total Bellas. Nikki is hesitant and blaming her lack of enthusiasm for dresses on having to do so much work for Dancing with the Stars. The two reach a happy medium in the end though, Nikki still being able to focus on dancing and Bri bringing the wedding dresses to Nikki to try on instead of Nikki having to go to a store.

What is in Store for Total Divas Season Eight?

Season seven ended with The Bellas and showed a preview of the new season of Total Bellas, currently on E!, leaving fans with no preview for season eight of Total Divas. Fans were only given the news recently that there would be a season eight of Total Divas premiering in the fall of 2018. Has Total Divas run its course on the reality T.V circuit? Not at all. These days there are so many women fans who admire and look up to the current Divas, the women’s division of WWE is stronger than it ever has been before, and the men who are fans cannot get enough of these women either. Fans want to know as much as they can about their idols and superstars, myself included in that fan base. Total Divas isn’t tapping out anytime soon and fans couldn’t be happier.

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