Roman Reigns To Hit A New Milestone At Extreme Rules

According to Cageseatsside Roman Reigns could hit a new milestone that puts him on the list of wrestlers who main event pay-per-view. If you look at the record, then you will also find that it has been long time since we had a non-Title match as the main event in a WWE pay-per-view.

1: John Cena main event 72 pay-per-views.

2: The Undertaker main event 69 pay-per-views.

3: Triple H main event 68 pay-per-views.

4: Randy Orton main event 68 pay-per-views.

5: Stone Cold main event 68 pay-per-views.

6: Shawn Micheals main event 68 pay-per-views.

7: The Rock main event 33 pay-per-views.

8: Y2J Chris Jericho main event 30 pay-per-views.

7: Brock Lesnar 28 pay-per-views.

8: Roman Reigns main event 26 pay-per-views.

John Cena debuted in 2003, and he main event pay-per-view than anyone else in WWE history.

If Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley is the main event, then Reigns is going to add one more pay-per-view appearance in his record.


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