Smackdown Live Recap For July 10th, 2018

(Segment 1) Miz TV With Team Hell No: This segment was to mix the pot for Miz and Bryan for the future and start the heat between them. I liked this segment because of the heat and comedy between Daniel and Miz. Kane grabbed Miz by the neck after things got heated, that caused the Bludgeon Brothers to come out and go after Team Hell No. After that Sanity came out and attacked everyone. That provoked New Day to come out and join the party. The Bludgeon Brothers took out everyone anyway, which may be something in the future. This set up the main event, Team Hell No/New Day vs Sanity/Bludgeon Brothers.

(Segment 2) AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura: I wish this was the main event but it isn’t. This match has been done too much, I never thought I would say that. Rusev joined on commentary and did a great job. The matches between these two will always be good, even though it gets old. I really didn’t get the match and why they had it, but it still adds to the grade of the show. Things got out of hand which caused Nakamura and Rusev to attack Styles. Jeff Hardy came out and helped AJ, which then led to a tag team match.

(Segment 3) AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura: I called this match before it even got announced, this company is predictable. I don’t get why they just didn’t announce this match in the first place. This Smackdown was really good in the first hour, better than what Raw was in 3 hours. Rusev pinned Hardy for the win after the Machka Kick.

(Segment 4) Asuka vs James Ellsworth In A Lumberjack Match: This match was destined to fail from the second they announced it. This segment took up a lot of time, which I was surprised. Asuka made James tap for the win, no shock there. This match had a lot of quick action with the lumberjills being outside the ring keeping the action going.

(Segment 5) Andrades Cien Almas vs Sin Cara: I like these two when they work together and they put on good matches. I like that they gave them good enough time. It was a solid match and they know each so well because they are former friends. Sin Cara was actually the who trained him.

(Segment 6) 10 Man Tag Match: This match was set up earlier in the night during the opening segment. I expected this match to be full chaos with good action. It got about 20 minutes. They got good time to shine in the main event and ended Smackdown really well. Usually big tag team matches aren’t good but this one was good because of all the people in it. Bryan pins Eric Young after the running knee, this was a good match.

Overall Smackdown Live Grade: A