Simon Gotch Was Not Proud of His Work in WWE

In an interview with, Simon Gotch said that he’s not proud or happy with his work from WWE, which released him in April 2017. Here are highlights:

In an interview with, Simon Gotch revealed that he left WWE because he was not proud of his work in the WWE, which got him released in April 2017.

Simon Gotch expresses his feelings about his part in WWE and said “It has been a lot of fun. I’ve actually gotten to travel more to areas that I’ve always desired to go to and work with people I’ve wanted to work with.

I never really worry about creative stuff character-wise because I feel whatever I’m going to do is going to come out of me naturally.

If anything, it’s the freedom of not having to worry about a specific character I’m being fed by someone else or being told,

This is how your character will act. This is how they will react to this. This is what they would say.”

I have a good idea of my character.

I think I know it a little better than a guy who was just given a job 10 minutes ago.

He clearly said that he was not happy with the creative writing team, same as, Austin Aires.

Simon also told that he was mentally not feeling well because he was not doing what he loves and working in someone else vision, and he said “I’m just not depressed anymore. Mental health is a big part of it.

The reality of it is when you’re in WWE, if you’re not doing work you’re proud of or happy with, it’s going to wear on you.

You’re not going to be in the right mindset.

Even when you’re working hard, you may not be working as efficiently as you could be.

The difference of being on the road 200 days a year, flying out Saturday morning and not getting back Wednesday morning.

Currently, Simon Gotch is signed with Major League Wrestling, where he has the freedom to express himself and the promotion has given him full-freedom to take control over his character.

He commented on his life in MLW, “The difference between if I’m at MLW, I’m 10 minutes and home.

Flying out I can leave Friday morning and being back Sunday night or Monday morning, that extra couple days you are off actually makes a huge difference.

It allows you to focus a bit more on training or dieting and have the options of doing things like going to yoga or MMA training to strengthen my overall body.

The extra freedom allows you to do all this.


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