Connor McGregor Expensive Cadillac Escalade Seized in Ireland

It seems like nothing is going well for Connor McGregor. The UFC Fighter got beaten very badly by the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, but he reportedly made over 30 million dollars from the fight. However, he got stripped from Lightweight Championship and Lightweight Crown Championship because of lack of interest to compete in the Octagon.

But, he did make plenty of money during his absence in the UFC octagon.

But, he got into serious trouble by making a huge mess at New York, which earned him jail time, but he got out of the jail on bail. Mirror has reported that Connor McGregor expensive car Cadillac Escalade worth around £75,000 was towed from Hatch Street in Dublin city centre.

According to Mirror, “The Cadillac Escalade, worth around £75,000, is understood to have either failed to have been taxed, insured, or potentially both, as it was towed away in Dublin city centre.

The number of commotions happening in Connor McGregor life may seem little to nothing, but over time, they might become even a bigger problem.


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