NJPW Champion Suffers Broken Neck At G1 Special In San Fransisco

Last night, NJPW held their G1 Special at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It’s being reported that one of New Japan’s top stars suffered a very serious injury on the show.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi broke his neck during the match, was able to finish the match and retain his title. Takahashi’s injury apparently occurred when he was on the receiving end of a phoenix plex from Dragon Lee, where he landed directly on his head.

The injury to Takahashi was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. Regarding his injury, Dave Meltzer said:

“Hiromu Takahashi suffered a broken neck, apparently broken neck. That’s the preliminary word we’re getting.”

“[He took a] Phoenix Plex but usually when [Ibushi] does it he like bridges into a cradle but Dragon Lee did it to Hiromu, Dragon Lee let go and Hiromu landed right on the top of his head. And he continued the match, did a Canadian Destroyer and won with a Timebomb.”

“But you could tell that was the plan, it’s not like they cut anything short you could see they went right to the — they didn’t rush to the finish. But so he finished the match, he retained the championship but I guess he collapsed backstage and they took him to the hospital and then we just got the preliminary work that they thought he got a broken neck so that’s pretty bad news.”

We will keep you updated when more information regarding the apparent broken neck that Hiromu Takahashi suffered last night at NJPW’s G1 Special becomes available.


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