MVP Says He Doesn’t Want To Work A Full-Time Schedule With WWE

As we have reported that MVP announced that he parted ways with Major League Wrestling on July 2nd on his Instagram.

In an interview with MVP, he told the reporter that he doesn’t want to work with WWE on a full-time basis.

Chris: We saw you recently on Raw 25! what was the whole process of like.. how long did they tell you before that like.. when did the phone call happen and who placed that call?

MVP: I think I got call from Mark Carrano, he said you interested? I’m like.. How much you pay me? what am i doing?

Chris : you’re gonna play poker with the…

MVP: Because I kept saying what am i doing? what am i doing? what am i doing? and in typical WWE fashion. A lot of the time they have no idea! You know what we’re gonna do this! And you know when I was there I remember plenty of times when literally like doors are opening and they’re rewriting the script for TV, so you know it happens all the time! And I got there and I found out, what they initially had in mind they scrapped and decided to do something else completely and then I ended up playing the poker with the ….

Chris: What was the original plan man?

MVP: Uhhh, I don’t even remember, you know, I don’t know! I get a free trip to New York, yeah! A free paid to sit in the back drink beer and play cards. I’ll go that, yeah!

Chris: were you hopeful that maybe it would mean more work with WWE?

MVP: NO! I’m just busy as I want to be man,

Chris: Yeah?

MVP: Yeah, I don’t I don’t want a full-time schedule with the WWE man! I always said I’d be out when I’m 45! That was my.. Probably 45 in October.

Chris: So, you’re gonna be out?

MVP: No, i still feel good man!

Chris: You still look good! You still work well

MVP: So, I think… I think I might you know… I think I got couple of years left in me!

You can see the entire interview with MVP embedded in the video below.

Author’s Take

Former WWE United States Champion MVP said that he might not be out of wrestling industry after he turns 48-years-old.

However, I don’t see WWE signing MVP on a part-time basis because they are looking for wrestlers with calibre like Brock Lesnar and John Cena.


Give Chris Van Vliet credit for Interview and give credit H/T transcription.


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