Is Kane’s WWE Career Over If Elected Mayor?

WWE Superstar Kane recently spoke to Newsweek, during the interview he indicated that if he is elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee that his WWE career would be over.

“After I am elected Mayor, I’ll be Mayor. I’m sure some people will say that (I’m not focused) and some others will say that’s the coolest thing ever. Again, you can’t make everyone happy. You just do what you can and that’s it… you’re always going to catch criticism no matter what you do.”

Kane added that he may make special appearances for WWE if he wins the election for Mayor, but adds that he is taking his potential mayoral role seriously.

“I may still do a few special things. I’ve done it for 23 years now and have quite a history, it’ll always be part of my life. I think the question is if I am taking [running] seriously, and of course I am. I wouldn’t [be running] if not.”


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