Second Accuser Backs Taeler Hendrix’s Allegations Against ROH World Champ Jay Lethal With Similar Claims Of Her Own

Yesterday serious allegations came out regarding Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal.

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Taeler Hendrix revealed on twitter that current ROH World Champion Jay Lethal “sabotaged” her ROH career, and was responsible for her removal from ROH TV after she refused to sleep with him.

The plot thickened earlier today when a video produced by the Generating Heat podcast revealed screenshots of text messages between show host Jay G and an anonymous female wrestler from Florida who appeared to validate Hendrix’s allegations.

A report posted by The Last Word On Pro Wrestling added that after they had spoke with Jay G of Generating Heat and he commented on his original report saying, “This is a young girl that has a very close tie to Jay. Thats why I reached out to her and definitely wasn’t expecting the answer i got.”

Their report when on to add that Jay G told them [Last Word on Pro Wrestling] that despite using the word “young”, Jay had stressed that the wrestler was NOT underage, and that “She just wants people to know that Taeler is not as awful as fans are making her out to be. She also told me there are others, but i can’t confirm any others.”

There was also screen grabs showing the conversation Jay had with the woman who wished to remain anonymous, but noted that she is “pretty well known wrestler around the Florida promotions and is on TV.”

You can see the images revealing the conversation in reference embedded below.

It should also be noted that Taeler Hendrix is scheduled to appear on the Generating Heat podcast next week with Jay G.

You can see the video from the Generating Heat podcast below.

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.


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