Smackdown Live Recap For July 3rd, 2018

(Segment 1) Team Hell No Kicks Off Smackdown: It’s great seeing Team Hell No back in action. The crowd is hot for them and their promo. The Usos came out after Kane and Bryan got a little heated. They talked about how Team Hell No doesn’t deserve a tag team title match. Paige then came out and set up Usos vs Team Hell No for the main event, if the Usos win then they’ll be added to the tag title match at Extreme Rules.

(Segment 2) Jeff Hardy US Open Challenge: Miz answered the open challenge and faced Hardy for the title. Both of these guys are good veterans which helps boost the show a lot. This match added a lot to the show’s overall grade. These two work well together because of their experience. Jeff ended up winning after a Swanton Bomb, I’m glad he won and not Miz. Very good match between these two overall.

(Segment 3) New Day Pancake Eating Contest: This segment was just for comedy and it was great. The comedy these guys bring is great and work so well together. What makes them better is that they can also perform great in the ring as well on the mic. This ended with New Day getting attacked by Sanity about 2 minutes into the segment. Sanity beat them up and sent them packing. This could be a match at Extreme Rules.

(Segment 4) Asuka vs James Ellsworth: I didn’t expect much from this match, so my hopes were pretty low. Carmella joined the commentary team and was annoying as usual. Asuka beat up James pretty bad and he ran away, then Asuka ran after him which made it a double count-out draw.

(Segment 5) AJ Styles vs Aiden English: These two haven’t wrestled a lot together so I didn’t think they would work well together. Styles makes English tap in a very short match that didn’t add that much.

(Segment 6) Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce: I didn’t expect much from this match because it wasn’t going to get much time. This match started very late and I knew it wouldn’t get a lot of time. They gave them too much time for the spot they were in. They did pretty well with the spot they were in actually. Becky made Peyton tap.

(Segment 7) Usos vs Team Hell No:  I expected this match to be good because of how good these teams are. This match got 15 minutes. They did good in that time, which I expected. I like these teams together and would like to more of them. Kane and Bryan win after a good match. The Smackdown Tag Title match still stands as regular.

Overall Smackdown Grade: B


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