Lucha Underground Star Slams WWE’s Television Production

Real name Karlee Perez, who also goes by the name Catrina in promotion Lucha Underground, has fired shots towards WWE’s Television productions. She has pointed out certain entertainment killing factors in WWE’s production.

Catrina recently spoke to TAZ, and she has expressed her opinions, and she said, “And it’s not done like that in the WWE. They go into a hallway that’s echoing the s__t out of everything. They don’t sound-proof anything.

They get one camera; you’re walking down the hallway with one camera.

No lighting, just crap.

And it’s been the same forever.

They tried to up it when Lucha came, I saw they tried to up everything, but it’s not gonna happen, because it’s not ran like that.

Author’s Take

I know people don’t know much about Catrina, who worked for WWE NXT from 2010 to 2012. She asked the company to release her from the contract after seeing no growth in the WWE, and company granted it. She did not give up on her wrestling career, and she continued to work for various promotions like TNA, and Lucha Underground.


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