Adam Cole Plans To Make The NXT North American Title Prestigious

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole recently spoke to Sports Illustrated and he explained how he plans to make the North American Champion the most prestigious title on the NXT brand.

Adam Cole reveals his goals for the NXT North American title, saying:

Who’s to say I won’t defend the North American championship later this year in the U.K. or Australia or Japan? My goal is to make the North American championship the most important championship in NXT, and I feel like I’m on the path to doing that by taking on all challengers around the world.

Adam Cole also commented on what he did to help make something happen for his career, saying:

If you sit around and wait for things to happen, they’re not going to happen the way you want. When I look at my wrestling career when I first started, I was the guy who did anything he could just to get on every wrestling card he possibly could. I drove as far as I could, I flew when I could, I picked the brains of guys with more experience than me. For me, when I want something, I make sure I do everything in my power to get that.

Author’s Take

Adam Cole, 28, and his future in the WWE is bright. We are going to see Adam Cole on the main roster in coming years and we can expect big things from him.


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