Is Money In The Bank Finn Balor’s Last Chance?

Money In The Bank is less than four nights away. Asides from the big four PPVs, this show can have some long-term ramifications for storylines. This is due to the shows USP: the Money In The Bank Briefcase Ladder Match.

While the opportunity for a superstar to make a name for themselves at the expense of the show is possible, for others (especially this year) it might be a case of salvaging their status. Point in case: Finn Balor.

Yet to find himself in the WWE Universal Championship picture since relinquishing the title back in August 2016, Balor is yet to be awarded a rematch. Furthermore, it was reported earlier this year that plans for him to face Brock Lesnar were shot down.

The former New Japan star is most certainly a popular figure amongst the WWE Universe. With the evident backing from Triple H as well, Balor will always have a place on WWE TV. But when does the Demon finally come into the main event frame?

Money In The Bank is important for Balor

So, while it may not necessarily be Finn Balor’s last chance, Money In The Bank is most certainly important for him.

Seemingly generating a mixed feeling backstage and already having main event plans scratched off earlier this year, what more can Balor do to convince officials he is ready? The answer would be winning the briefcase.

Of course, a decision for Balor to win would have to be made. But that decision can go a long way into providing the 36-year-old with a wave of momentum.

Re-image the main event scene

Looking only at the Monday night RAW main event scene, it is pretty much in dead water. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar out of the question until Summerslam and Roman Reigns slowly not in sight at present, it leaves a huge space.

However, reports have suggested that Reigns and Lesnar may be having another match at WWE Summerslam. Additionally, it should be noted that Lesnar’s current deal is said to expire during the summer.


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