Smackdown Review For June 5th, 2018

Smackdown Live is in Corpus Christi

(Segment 1) Carmella Kicks Off: Carmella showed a video package of Asuka, I don’t know why she would build up her opponent before their match. I do not like Carmella as champion and hope she loses at MITB. Asuka then came out to join in on the fun. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out as soon as Asuka gets in the ring. After some talking, Paige comes out to announce that Asuka will choose between Mandy and Sonya to have a match with right now. Asuka picked both of them and the handicap match was announced for right now. The opening segment wasn’t actually that bad.

(Segment 2) Asuka vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: Carmella joined in on commentary. This mtatch started off slow with some frequent tags and keeping Asuka in their corner. Asuka began to gain steam after Mandy and Sonya were in control most of the match. Carmella distracted Asuka and Sonya gained control again. Most the match was Sonya and Mandy in control, which was shocking. Asuka gained control after the commercial break and got back in control. Asuka catches Sonya in the Asuka Lock and makes her tap. Slow moving match with not so great action, boring opener match.

(Segment 3) Harper vs Karl Anderson: The Club will face The Bludgeon Brothers as we know at MITB, this match is for one team to gain momentum going into that match. Harper had the momentum most of the match, but it was a short one and Karl rolled him up for the pin. This match was 2 minutes and not much happened, just a lucky roll up by Anderson.

(Segment 4) Lana and Aiden English vs Naomi and Jimmy Uso: I didn’t get why Aiden was tagging with Lana instead of Rusev but they cleared that up at the beginning of the show when they announced New Day vs Samoa Joe, Miz, and Rusev. Jimmy hit English the throat and English said “This is the money maker Uce”, that was a good spot. There were loud Rusev Day chants as always, but not as hot as if Rusev was out there. Lana did pretty good in this match and has shown progression in the past couple months, I think after the summer she will be a couple steps up. Jimmy and Naomi pick up the win.

(Segment 5) WWE Contract Signing: It surprised that this was backstage and not in the ring. Nakamura actually got dressed up for this. Things got heated when Nakamura was saying the pens weren’t working, so Styles hit him. They both ended up signing the contracts. It didn’t end in total chaos like I thought.

(Segment 6) Charlotte vs Becky Lynch: I am mad this match didn’t main event and didn’t have the time it should have. This was solid match for the time they were given, but in the end Becky made Charlotte tap.

(Segment 7) New Day vs Miz, Samoa Joe, and Rusev: This main event was good and had good action in it. This match had the Smackdown side of the men’s ladder match for MITB. This match ended in chaos after Rusev and Joe took out Miz, then Big E pinned the Miz. We still do not know who will represent New Day in the men’s ladder match. It has been rumored to be Big E and I believe it will be Big E. I do not see Big E winning the ladder match, or anyone from New Day in fact. Whoever does represent them I think will shine.

Overall Smackdown Grade: C