Possible Location For All In 2

First reported by me (Matt @WWETalkingPoint), The Young Bucks and Cody hinted very hard at All In 2 being at the World’s Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden.

I believe they can do this because of the talent they have and the talent they could get for it. WWE will have to put up something good against this if Cody and The Young Bucks pull this off, it’ll be the biggest move of their life. I was on this as soon as they said it.

Earlier in the night Cody said it was going to be there, then said just kidding. As the night ended the Young Bucks actually said they wanted it at MSG and were being serious. Cody then joined in and agreed with them on it. I will be attending All In 2 if it does go to MSG because I live close to NYC.

All In on September 1st will be at the Sears Centre in Chicago, which will be around 10K people. MSG is about 18K people for a wrestling event total, that would be almost double what they’ll have to do. I believe they could do it though, it’ll take some work but they can do it. #ALLINMSG