Potential Reason Why Daniel Bryan Lost His MITB Qualifying Match?

Daniel Bryan was sitting on the sidelines for almost three years after announcing his forced retirement because of an injury. Bryan was cleared by the doctor’s couple of years ago, but WWE medical officials did not clear him to complete for several reasons.

Now, Daniel Bryan has made his in-ring return by teaming up with Shane McMahon against Owens and Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania 34.

However, Bryan recent bookings are poor, and many fans feel that Bryan is one of WWE’s top stars. He has the potential and support of the WWE universe to win the Money in the Bank ladder’s match.

But, WWE officials and fans do not share the same view. Wrestling fans have only one question, why?

Allow me to give you one official reason and my opinion on why Bryan lost to Samoa Joe in the MITB qualifying match.

Reason One

Daniel Bryan had to wait three years to convince WWE Doctor’s that he is fine and ready to compete in the ring.

Vince McMahon offered a short-term contract to Bryan’s, and he signed it without any hesitation. Daniel contracts with WWE ends at 2018 Summerslam.

WWE is known for a long-term vision for wrestlers and the company. MITB ladder’s match is all about the contract that guarantee’s them an opportunity at WWE title at any given time. They cannot hand the briefcase to Bryan because he may leave the promotion after Summerslam.

There are chances that Bryan decides to leave WWE and perform in NJWP or Impact wrestling. No other promotion would offer a contract to Daniel because WWE declared him unfit. So, it was important for Daniel Bryan to make a return in WWE itself.

Vince McMahon could not take any chances, so they are not pushing him on the main event level. But, if the contracts renew, then we are going to see him as WWE Champion soon.

Reason Two

Bryan is the hottest property of the WWE then and now and they cannot afford to lose him. But, the WWE doctor’s made it clear that Daniel Bryan brain has taken a lot of damage (concussion after concussions) in the last fifteen years of his wrestling career.

The WWE was testing Daniel for month’s both mentally and physically. The WWE does not want another dead wrestler in the ring. They cannot afford to telecast a broken wrestler that can ruin the reputation, stocks and viewerships.

When Chris Benoit incident happened, everyone blamed the promotion for not taking care of their wrestlers. The company stocks went down, and Vince McMahon had to take a lot of heat from media, fans, public, and network.

Daniel was working on Smackdown Live as general manager, but he was also trying to convince Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon to give him one opportunity to shine in the ring again. Finally, Bryan got short team contract.

The reason why he did not push from the promotion because Vince was testing Bryan and making sure that “YES Movement” icon has no physical and mental issues.

Author’s take

If Vince McMahon offers a new contract, then it clearly means that he has accepted Daniel Bryan.


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