Smackdown Live Coverage/Review from May 29th, 2018.

(Segment 1) Samoa Joe Kicks Off Smackdown: Samoa Joe immediately comes out and grabs a ladder, he then climbs it and grabs the MITB briefcase. This is a very weird way to start the night because Bryan and Joe will be the main event. I did not see Joe starting SDLIVE at all. Samoa Joe keeps the briefcase in hand while he cuts a promo on everyone and everything. Samoa Joe begins talking about Bryan’s family and Daniel does not like that, so he comes out. Big Cass then comes out and interrupts the party, bummer. He comes out with a crutch and a big limp. Cass says he cleared for action and takes out both Joe and Bryan. He then grabs the briefcase and walks around with it. Looks like Bryan vs Cass vs Joe tonight for the final spot in the MITB ladder match.

(Segment 2) Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger: I said earlier today on my segment of WWE Talking Points that this match would be the first match of tonight and it will be. This match is going to be very good and expect some good stuff out of this match. This is a great first match for tonight and would be a good feud down the road. Also should be a pretty hard hitting match with good moves. Both Tye and Nakamura are mocking each other, this feud could be very good and have many layers. Nakamura pins Tye after a Knee To The Face, good overall match that should be a plus for this Smackdown. Throughout this match Nakamura kept doing the 10 count that would be in the Last Man Standing Match at MITB.

(Segment 3) Lana vs Naomi in a Dance Off: This should be a good segment with comedy and also the crowd should be hot for Rusev Day. I could see the Usos coming out and making a tag team match for tonight or next week. This is also a good spot for this segment. Good, short segment. Lana hits Naomi with a neckbreaker and chaos breaks out. Rusev and Aiden get thrown out of the ring and are sent packing. There was definitive winner in this dance off.

(Segment 4) The New Day vs Miz and The Bar: I expect this match to be pretty good and have good spots. I like this match up and could really produce, if they give them enough time. I do expect some comedy out of this match as well, which could make it a lot better. This would also be a good spot for Sanity to debut. 6 man tag matches usually go a little slower than other matches, so I don’t expect too much fast paced action unless corners clear. After Woods gets the hot tag the match picks up a lot and makes this a very good match. The ending of this match should be good. I like how good Xavier Woods has become and the place he is in now with WWE. Big E pins Miz after the Big Ending. This match was very good and adds a lot to this Smackdown Live, very impressed with Smackdown Live tonight and also the past couple weeks.

(Segment 5) Asuka vs Mandy Rose: This is a match I don’t expect much from and is just a time killer. This will be a negative for Smackdown but it will still be a very good show overall. Asuka will obviously win and get momentum into MITB. I just hope this match is just at least a little bit good, but I don’t think so. Carmella is on commentary for this match. Sonya attacks Asuka before the match. They are actually this match good time and could actually do some stuff with this match. WWE has been treating Asuka like just another superstar, which is good because it was getting boring with her being on another planet than everyone else. Asuka makes Mandy tap out via Asuka Lock, it was an ok match for the time they were given. Asuka gets some good momentum going into MITB. Carmella seems very confident heading into her match with Asuka at MITB.

(Segment 6) Samoa Joe vs Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan: The winner of this match will take the last spot in the Men’s MITB Ladder Match. I expect this match to be very good with a lot of action. These are 3 very different wrestlers who bring different games which will make this match very good and different. This match is very hard hitting, Daniel really picks up the pace of the match at times since Joe and Cass are bigger guys and don’t have high paced matches. Cass reallllllyyyy slows down this match and does not add anything to this match, better off without him. I was really looking forward to Joe vs Bryan but they put stupid Cass into this match to slow it down. Samoa Joe makes Daniel Bryan pass out and he is going to MITB to compete in the ladder match. This was a solid main event with good action, this added to the grade of Smackdown in a good way.

Overall Grade of Smackdown: B+