Backstage Heat On Big Cass After Ignoring WWE Officials And Going Into Business For Himself?

It appears as though WWE Superstar Big Cass may have some heat on him backstage with company officials after possibly going into business for himself during his current feud with Daniel Bryan.

Bryan Alvarez talked about this situation with Big Cass going into business for himself on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live. During the discussion Alvarez reveals that during the build for the Big Cass & Daniel Bryan match at BackLash, the segment on SmackDown that saw Cass call out Bryan only to have a “little person” dressed as Daniel Bryan come to the ring instead, that WWE Officials had told Big Cass to simply “Just shove or boot him or whatever. Don’t lay a beating on this guy”. To which apparently Cass responded to this by asking again if he could “lay a beating on this guy?” Only to once again be told by company officials, “no”. Which as we saw on SmackDown LIVE, Big Cass directly ignored what he had been told by officials by going into business for himself and doing it anyway.

Regarding Big Cass ignoring WWE and beating up the “little person” dressed as Daniel Bryan, Alvarez said:

“They had the angle where Big Cass came out and he called out Daniel Bryan and it was a ‘little person’ and he beat him up. So the story is that they told him, ‘just shove or boot him or whatever. Don’t lay a beating on this guy.’ And then Cass even said, ‘can I lay a beating on this guy?’ and they said, ‘no.’ Then he did it anyway.”

“This guy’s an idiot and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is not the first time stupid stuff has happened with Cass. So yeah he got absolutely smashed to death by Daniel Bryan on the show this week.”

“Normally I would say there is nothing to this but when’s the last time a babyface got heat on a heel on a WWE show?”

While it has not been confirmed, if this report from Alvarez is true regarding backstage heat on Big Cass, then it would explain Cass’ absence a few weeks back on SmackDown following BackLash, as well as Daniel Bryan dominating him on this week’s episode of SmackDown LIVE.

It should also be noted that Alvarez points out that this is not the first time that Big Cass has been involved in something stupid like this.

We would also like to point out that this story was first reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet on May 10th.


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