New MCW Champion; Tribute 4/21 Shawn Michaels; Nash; Hall; Waltman; More!

New MCW Champion; Tribute 4/21 Shawn Michaels; Nash; Hall; Waltman; More! – THIS SATURDAY, April 21, MCW Pro Wrestling returns to the MCW Arena, 1000 Joppa Farm RD in Joppa, MD for “Tribute to the Legends” with WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall, along with Sean Waltman, Lex Luger, Darren Young, Headbanger Mosh, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, Mr. Hughes, NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis, and more. Convention 11 am, Event 7 pm.

Last Saturday’s event in Hollywood, MD saw the crowning of Bruiser as the MCW Pro Wrestling Heavyweight champion for the record-breaking tenth time! See all the results at

– MCW Heavyweight champion Bruiser defends against for MCW owner Corporal Punishment. Will Bruiser get his revenge for Corporal hitting him with a chair last month and turning his back on MCW?

– NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis defends against Brandon Scott.

– Ernest “The Cat” Miller and Ken Dixon vs. MCW Rage TV champion Greg Excellent and Lance Anao’i.

– The Tribute to the Legends tradition returns with a special Tag Team version of the Bunkhouse Battle Royal, featuring The Hell Cats, The Bomb Squad’s Trick and Napalm, The Bomb Squad’s Malcolm Moses and Bishop Khan, The Cartel’s Dante Caballero and Joe Keys, The Cartel’s The Bull and Diego Cruz, The Purge, Hermit Crab and Wheeler Yuta, The Outlaws, Rock N Bowl Express, Dirty Money and Eric Chapel, and G-Fed and Steve Diaz for a guaranteed title shot!

– Mr. Hughes and Elroy Smoove vs. The Rock N Bowl Express.

– Headbanger Mosh vs. King McBride w/ Andy Vineberg.

– After their attempt to team up lead to a brawl to the locker room, Rayo faces Bobby Wayward.

– The rivalry of The Bomb Squad’s Napalm and Drolix explodes!

– International stars face off, as Anthony Henry faces Kekoa Mana.

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