What Might We See Happen During The Upcoming WWE Superstar Shakeup

WWE’s Superstar Shakeup begins tomorrow, and rumors and speculation have been running wild all week regarding which Superstars will switch brands and which if any NXT talents will receive a main roster call-up.

Dave Meltzer discussed the upcoming Superstar Shakeup on Wrestling Observer Radio and said that while there is really no way of knowing what WWE has planned, that there could be some signs that may indicate the company’s plans.

“I can look and kind of think well, maybe they’ll switch Alexa Bliss and Charlotte. It would make sense because anything else would make no sense but even then there are other ways to do it. As far as other switches, I don’t know. If Miz was still champion I could have seen you know Miz and Jinder doing a switch but he’s not [champion] because the whole Miztourgae were beaten down in a manner making you think they’re going to the other side. But then you have to look at the other side and figure out who was like that there. Bobby Roode did get beat in that 3-way so they could do that.”

If any more information regarding WWE’s Superstar Shakeup becomes available we will pass that along to you.


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