Rusev Comments On His Upcoming Casket Match With The Undertaker

WWE announced earlier today that The Undertaker will face Rusev in a casket match at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble Event on April 27th in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

It appears as though the mild push that Rusev received going into WrestleMania 34 will continue, as it was reported a while back that WWE made the call to put Rusev into the US Title Match at ‘Mania due to the massive numbers in merchandise sales as of late. It is no secret that the company feels that anyone involved in a program with The Undertaker is being rewarded, much the same way it is considered as high praise to anyone that works with John Cena.

So it would appear that even though Rusev lost the US Title Match at WrestleMania, and then lost the #1 Contender Match for the US Title on last night’s SmackDown LIVE that any speculation that WWE’s push for Rusev was over can be laid to waste as he is now working against one of WWE’s most infamous names on what the company is considering one of the biggest events in their history.

Rusev commented on the announcement of his upcoming Casket Match against The Undertaker at The Greatest Royal Rumble event earlier today. You can see Rusev’s comments embedded in the tweet below:


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